Professor Shirley Geok-lin Lim, Ph.D., British and American Literature, Brandeis University; Fulbright Scholar and Wien International Fellow; author of Crossing the Peninsula (Commonwealth Poetry Prize winner); six other volumes of poetry; three collections of short stories; two novels; a children's novel, Princess Shawl (translated into Chinese, published in Taiwan, 2009); and recently a selected short stories and poetry volume, The Shirley Lim Collection. Her memoir, Among the White Moon Faces, received the American Book Award. She has published two critical studies; edited/co-edited many critical volumes and numerous special issues of journals. The Forbidden Stitch received the 1990 American Book Award. She served as chair of Women's Studies, UCSB; Chair Professor of English, University of Hong Kong; and currently is Professor of English, University of California, Santa Barbara. Awarded Multiethnic Literatures of the United States (MELUS) 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award, the UCSB Faculty Research Lecture Award, University of Western Australia Distinguished Lecturer award, Fulbright Distinguished Lecturership, and J.T. Stewart Hedgebrook award. Taught at City University of New York, State University of New York, University of Hong Kong, National Institute of Education of Nanyang University, National Sun Yat-Sen University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and National University of Singapore.


Ph.D. and M.A., English and American Literature, Brandeis University, 1973 and 1971.

B.A. (lst. Class Hons), English Literature, U. of Malaya, '67; M.A. Studies, '67-69.

Record of Employment

University of California, Santa Barbara, Research Professor, English, 2012-; Professor, English, 1993-2012; and Women's Studies, 1993-2002.

University of Hong Kong, Chair Professor and Head of Department, English, 1999-2002; Chair, Women's Studies, 1997-99; Asian American Studies 1990-93.

Westchester College, State University of New York, NY, Associate Professor, 1976-90.

Hostos Community College, The City University of New York, Assistant Professor, 1973-76.

Queens College, The City University of New York, Teaching Fellow, 1972-73.

Brandeis University, Teaching Assistant, English Coordinator of Transitional Year Program, 1970-72.

Teaching Experience Abroad

Lecturer, Universiti Sains, Penang, Malaysia, Summer 1974

Lecturer and teaching assistant, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, 1967-69.

Visiting Professorships, Post-doctoral Fellowships and Residencies

Visiting Distinguished Professor, City University of Hong Kong, January-March 2012 & January-June 2013.

Visiting Professor, Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, December, 2011.

Visiting Professor, Valladolid University and University of Salamanca, Spain, May 2010.

Writer-in-residence, the Lock Up, Newcastle, 2009.

Visiting Professor, National Sun Yat-sen University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Summer 2008.

Resident Scholar, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore, August 2007.

Visiting Professor, School of English, University of Hong Kong, Fall 2005.

Visiting Professor, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Fall 2003.

Visiting Scholar, Simmons Hall, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Fall 2003.

Fulbright Distinguished Lecturer, Nanyang Technological University, 1996.

Minorities Discourses Fellow, The University of California Humanities Research Institute (UCHRI), Irvine, 1993.

Asia Foundation Fellow, Centre for Advanced Studies, Singapore, 1989.

Internationalizing the Curriculum Seminar, University at Albany, State University of New York, 1987-89.

Writer-in-Residence, East West Center, Honolulu, 1988.

Mellon Fellow, Graduate Center, The City University of New York, Fall 1987.

NEH Barnard Summer Seminar, 1987.

Fellow, Institute of Southeast-Asian Studies (ISEAS, Singapore), 1985-86.

Writer-in-Residence, National University of Singapore, 1985.

Mellon Fellow, Graduate Center, The City University of New York, 1983.

Visiting Fellow, National University of Singapore, 1982.

NEH Princeton Summer Seminar, 1978.

MLA Yale Summer Seminar of Minority Literatures, 1975.

Grants, Prizes, Awards, Honors

Distinguished Author, Greyfriars Livig Literature Reading Series, Sienna College, April 9 2014 (forthcoming).

Visiting Speaker, (FAAAM - Femmes Auteurs Anglo-Américains) at the University of Nanterre, France, January 2014 (forthcoming).

MELUS Lifetime Achievement Award, December 2013. (details)

Ngee Ann Kongsi Visiting Professorship, University Scholars Program, National University of Singapore, August-November 2012.

State Department Award, Guangzhou, 2012.

State Department Academic Specialization Award, Malaysia, 2012.

State Department Academic Specialization Award for Indonesia, October 2011.

Visiting Author, Alma College, 2011.

Visiting Author, Stanford University, 2011.

Fisher Foundation grants for JTAS, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.

MELUS Lifetime Achievement Award, December 2009.

Visiting Author, Savannah College of Creative Design, 2008.

Visiting Author, De Pauw College, 2007.

Visiting Author, Eastern Illinois University, 2007.

Salzburg, Invited Seminar Participant, Freeman Foundation Symposium, "East Asian-The United States: A Search for Common Values," June 9-14, 2006.

Invited author/faculty for University of Bahrain American Studies Center Symposium on "Diverse Voices in American Literature," March 2006.

Campus Distinguished Author, Chatham University, Pittsburgh, 2006.

Invited author/faculty for Columbia University Symposium in Honor of Carolyn Heilbrun. February 2005.

Honorary Professor, School of English, The University of Hong Kong, 2003-

Salzburg American Studies Seminar Lecturer, 2003.

Award for Best Graduate Faculty Advisor, 2002.

UCSB Research Lecturer Award, 2002.

Social Security Administration APA Heritage Month Poster: commemoration as one of America's most prominent Asian/Pacific Islanders, May 2002.

J.T. Stewart Award at Hedgebrook, 1999.

Distinguished Lecturer, University of Western Australia, March 1999.

State Department Faculty Coordinator for International Faculty Program on American Literature, UCSB, Summer, 1998.

Invited Author for Richland College, Book of the Month, February 1998.

American Book Award, 1997.

Finalist, Asian American Studies Non-Fiction Award, 1997.

Invitation to INTERLIT 4-International Writers' Meeting 1997: Oct. 2-8 in Erlangen, Oct.9-12 in Berlin.

Salzburg Seminar Lecturer, 1996.

Invited Author, Macombe Community College, One World Students Research Conference, 1995.

National Endowment for the Humanities Academic Consultant for the Merchantile Library/New York Public Libraries, 1995.

Curriculum Integration Grant, Office of the President, University of California, 1995.

United States Information Agency Academic Specialization Grant, 1994, for Australia.

American Book/Before Columbus Award, 1990.

Poems on the Underground, U.K. 1989.

Second Prize, Asiaweek Short Story Competition, 1982.

SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching, 1981.

Commonwealth Poetry Prize, for best first book from the British Commonwealth, 1980.

Wien International Fellowship, 1969-72.

Fulbright Scholarship, 1969-72.

Jaycees Short Story Competition, 1968.

University of Malaya Prize, 1967.

University of Malaya English Dept. Prize, 1967.

University of Malaya Poetry Prize, 1965.

University Entrance Scholarship, 1964-67.

Federal Scholarship, 1964-67.

Travel Awards

Fulbright travel, to Kuala Lumpur, Sept. 96; to Penang, Oct. 96.

Glasgow City Council Travel Awards for Cultural European City of 1990, Sept. 89; and April 1990.

British Council Award for ACLALS Conference 89.

National Women's Studies Association, Common Grounds, 89.

Third World Foundation Grant, London, 87.

Post Office General Grant, Edinburgh, 86.

Asia Foundation, Bali, 85.

ISEAS Grant, Manila, 85.

Canadian Council of the Arts Grant, Toronto, 83.

Lee Foundation Grant, Perth, 82.

University of California/UCSB Awards

English Department Graduate Student Mentoring Award, nominated, 2009.

Senate Research grant for anthology of Singapore English-language Literature, to be published by NUS Press, 2008.

Senate Research grant for retrospective critical volume on Maxing Hong Kingston's oeuvre, 2006.

Minigrant, for Asian American films, Kerr Hall, 2004.

Academic Senate Faculty Research Grant, "Cross-Wire: Asian American Imaginations in Global and Transnational Contexts," $3,302.00, 2004-05.

IHC, Senate Research and Senate Humanities Grants, for "Telling the Nation," 2002-2003.

Special Diversity Fund, Grad Division, 2002-03: $4,500.

Instructional Development Minigrant Retreat, 2001-2002, $1,000.

English Department Graduate Student Mentoring Award, 2002.

Interdisciplinary Humanities Center Conference Award; Chancellor Award; Executive Vice-Chancellor Award, for "Women Transforming the Public," 1998.

Summer Academic Research Internship Program, 1997.

Residence Hall Teaching Excellence Award, 96-97; 95-96; 94-95.

Women's Studies Research Award, 1997-98.

Women's Studies Travel Award, St. Louis, 1995-96.

Principal Co-investigator, Curriculum Integration Grant, Office of the President, 1995.

Instructional Improvement Grant, for laser technology on Native American and Asian American Literatures, 1994: $4,370.46.

Senate Research Grant: Asian American Women's Writing, 93-94.

Instructional Development Award, for Asian American Gender Representations, 90-91: $2500.

Interdisciplinary Humanities Center Research Award, "Changing Women: Asian American Women's Writing and American Civic Culture," 1992: $2000.

Interdisciplinary Humanities Center Readings Series Award, "Asian American Women Writers," 1991-92: $1000.

Senate Research Grant: Chinese American Diasporic Writing, 91-92: $800.

Interdisciplinary Humanities Center Conference Award, "A Literature of One's Own: Asian American Transformations," 1990-91.: $3000.

Senate Research Grant: Contesting the Ground of Asian American Literature, 90-91: $2173.

Senate Conference Travel Grants, Washington DC, 2001 "Early Transnational Asia Pacific American Memoirs: Three Identity Paradigms (Sui Sin Far, Haru Matsui, and Kathleen Tamagawa)," American Studies Association; 96; St. Louis, 96; Pittsburgh 95; Nashville 94-95; Munich 93; Edinburgh 92; Hawaii 91.

University of Hong Kong Awards

Vice-Chancellor Grant for Hong Kong International Literary Festival: HK$50,000. January 2001.

Big Equipment Items Award for Computer-Interactive Teaching of International Corpus of English and Creative Writing courses: HK$500,000, December 2000.

Vice-Chancellor Grant for conference, "International American Literary Studies"; HK$30,000, December 2000.

CERG Travel Awards, 1999.

Teaching Quality Award for Designing and Implementing an IT-based integrated First-year Course: HK$300,000: Principal Investigator, March 2000.

Other awards in Hong Kong

Grant Participant of the Standing Committee on Language Education and Research, with support of the Language Fund for the Moving Poetry project: HK$400,000, 2001.

UGC Moving Poetry grant: HK$650,000, for 2001-2002.

Included in:

World's Who's Who Europa Biographical Reference, 2008;

New Malaysian Who's Who, 2005;

International Who's Who of Authors and Writers, 2005, 2003;

International Who's Who in Poetry, 2005, 2003;

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International Biographical Centre (IBC)'s 21st Century Award for Achievement;

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Biography of International Writers;

Biography International;

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Reference Asia;

Asia Who's Who of Men and Women of Achievement;

Biography of New Pacific Writers;

and others.

Published Interviews, roundtables (selected)

In U.S., Australian, Southeast Asian, European, Hong Kong and New Zealand publications. Most recent: “Giving Voice to Singapore’s Budding Poets,” The Power of Potential, NUS Development Office, Singapore, 2013;

“Walking with Her Muse,’ An Interview with Shirley Geok-lin Lim,” Contemporary Women's Writing (2013) doi: 10.1093/cww/vpt005 First published online: June 22, 2013;

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Selected Readings, Workshops, Book Launches

Summer Institute, City U of Hong Kong Kong, June 2013;

Singapore International Writers’ Festival10 November, 2012;

National Book Dev Council “Teaching and Writing Singapore Literature,” 27 October, 2012;

“Creative Writing and Publishing Workshop,” UiTM, Melaka, 27 September 2012;

Teaching Poetry Creative Writing Workshops for Hong Kong Teachers, Gifted and Talented Unit, Educational Bureau, Hong Kong, 2009-2013

Five workshops for Hong Kong Children, PolyU of Hong Kong Kong, Nov. 2011;

Writers Workshop, Kuala Lumpur Library, Sept 26, 2012;

San Diego State University, Hugh C. Hyde Living Writers Series, ENG. 579, Oct 24 2011;

Laurie Okuma Hugh Memorial Reading, CSUSD, Oct. 2011;

Salihara Literary Festival, Jakarta, Oct. 2011;

Ubud Readers and Writers Festival, Bali, Oct. 2011;

MELUS, Boca Raton, April 2011;

American Studies and Gender Studies, Stanford U, April 2011;

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Stanford University February 2011;

University of Western Australia, February, 2011;

College of Creative Studies, October 2010;

University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, 2010;

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Macau children’s literature readings, July 2010;

Singapore Commonwealth House, 2009;

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Writers Festival, HKU, 2009;

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Temasek Junior College, 2008;

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workshops, Hunter Valley Writers Centre, Newcastle, Australia, May 2008;

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Moving Poetry 2 workshops, Hong Kong, May 2002;

Hong Kong International Literary Festival, April 2002;

Macau International Literary Festival, 2002;

Multicultural Center, UCSB, April 2002;

The Writer’s Voice: International Women’s Month, Detroit, March 2002;

Borders, Santa Barbara, Feb. 21, 2002;

Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia State University, Kennesaw University, Nov. 2001;

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UC Riverside, 96;

Elliot Bay Seattle, Borders San Francisco, Oakland Asian Branch Library, Nov. 96;

University of Hong Kong, Universiti Sains, Penang, Oct. 21, 96;

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Substation, Singapore, Sept. 5 96;

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Earthling, May 95, UCSB Medical Services and Professional Development Days, April & March 1995;

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University of Arhus, Denmark, 1994;

Flinders University, Adelaide, 1994;

Unsettling America Conference, Paterson, NJ, 1994;

British Council, Kuala Lumpur, August 1994;

Word’s Worth, Kuala Lumpur, August 1994;

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International Short Story Conference, Iowa, June 1994;

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and others.

Conferences: Coordinated/Convened

Co-Chair of Program committee for American Studies Association Conference, Atlanta, 2004; Convener, Forum on Recent Developments in Civil Rights Legislation, “Histories, Poetics, and Politics of Homeland Security,” IHC, Feb. 2003; co-organizer of 1st Hong Kong International Literary Festival, May 2001; at the University of Hong Kong, coordinated “American Literary Studies in Asia: Transnational Teaching and Research Conference,” Jan.5-7. 2001; organizer and founder of Moving Poetry: Workshops for Children, Hong Kong University, 2001-; “American Literary Studies Mini-conference,” October 1999 [Paul Lauter, Trinity College; Jonathan Auerbach, University of Maryland; Cathy Davidson, Duke University; Ken Wissoker, Managing Editor of Duke UP].

At UCSB, coordinated "Women Transforming the Public Conference,” April 23-25, 1999; “The Politics and Poetics of the Body: Pacific Rim Triangulations,” 1994; “A Literature of One’s Own: Asian American Transformations,” 1991.

In New York, coordinated Poetry Conference Day, 87; Community Colleges General Education Association Conference, New York 84; High School/College Writing Conference, New York, 84; 81; 80; and City University of New York/CAWS Conference 75.

Readings/Speakers Series:

UCSB, 2011, talks by John Crawford (forthcoming), Florence Howe and Eric Martinsen, College of Creative Studies, Symposia); 2009: organized reading by Mitsuye Yamada & Anca Vlasapolus.

2006: organized readings and lectures by Maxine Hong Kingston (Distinguished lectures Program), Feb.

Other authors: Mitsuye Yamada, May 2006 and 2003; Shawn Wong, 2001; Nancy Miller, Ellen Ross, Ann DuCille, Anne E. Kaplan, Greg Sarris, Milton Murayama, Gish Jen, Jessica Hagedorn, Mitsuye Yamada, Hisaye Yamamoto, Shawn Wong, Lawson Inada, Eric Chok, Vince Gotera, and others.

At MIT, brought Anca Vasaloupus, Elena Creef, Jessica Hagedorn, Lan Samantha Chang to read and talk, fall 2003.

At the University of Hong Kong, brought Hong Kong and international writers to read to creative writing students: Agnes Lam, Xu Xi, Andrew Parkin, Louise Ho, Jamila Ismail, Mitsuye Yamada, M. L. Liebler; speakers from the U.S.: David Li, Humanities Chair Professor, University of Oregon, and others.

Coordinated readings by Maxine Hong Kingston, John Yau, Richard Kim, and others for MLA Convention, 1983; 1990.

For Westchester College, 1977-89: brought Derek Walcott, Toni Morrison, Alicia Ostriker, James Dickey, John A. Williams, Robert Bly, David Ignatow, Dana Gioa, Howard Moss, Maurice Kenney, Diana Chang and others.

UCSB Invited Addresses:

Du Bois Lecture 96; Faculty Speaker April 96; Young Scholars' Day April 95; Commencement Speaker, June 94; Commencement Alternative Convocation 94.

Invited Keynote/Plenary Addresses and invited lectures/talks:

Invited workshop. Summer Institute, Creativity and Discovery in Teaching University Writing City U of Hong Kong Kong, June 2013.

Invited seminar on-line, Professor Teng, MIT, 2013, video:

Invited seminar on-line, Stanford University, Professor Fishkin, Graduate Seminar on Transnational Literature, Feb.20, 2013.

Invited keynote, Int. World Englishes Conf, Hong Kong, “Show, Don’t Tell OR Show and Tell,” Dec. 8., 2012;

Invited panel, American Writers Festival, Singapore Management University, 22 Oct. 2012; English Dept, NUS, 24 Oct. 2012; UNISIM, 24 October 2012.

Invited lecture, “Emak and Bapa: Peranakan Life Stories,” Peranakan Museum, Singapore, Nov. 2012.

Invited lectures: Lincoln Corner, Melaka State Library, Sept. 28, 2012; Kuala Lumpur Library, Sept. 26, 2012; “An Author’s Journey: Poetry as a Companion,” Sarawak State Library, Sept 25, 2012; UNIMAS/Universiti Malaysia Sarawak Center for Language Studies, Sept 25, 2012; Universiti Pendidikan Sulan Idris, Perak, Sept. 24, 2012.

Invited keynote, Invited readings and talks on Asian American and Women’s Cultural Issues, University of North Sumatra; Akademi Berbagi; Universitas Katholik St. Thomas (Medan); Universitas Bangka Belitung; Komunitas Pekerja Sastra Pulau Bangka (Pangkat Pinang); Universiti, Denpasar; Ubud Writers and Readers Festival—Dead Poets Society, The Place Makers, Traversing Cultural Divides--; National University; Salihara Literature Biennale, Komunitas Utan Kayu; Women’s Journal Foundation; @America (Jakarta), Oct. 2-15, 2011.

Invited keynote, Contemporary Women’s Writing Conference, Taipei, 2011

Invited keynote, Conference on Transnational American Studies, City University, Hong Kong, March, 2011

Invited talk of City U English Dept. colloquium, “’…it bends toward justice’: Mine Okubo’s graphic memoir and civil rights representations in U.S. minority discourse,” City University, March 2011.

Invited keynote, Conference on Creativity, Perth February 2011.

Invited talk, “Professional/Academic Life Writing: Shaking the Pronoun in Academe” Modern Language Association Convention, Los Angeles, January 2011.

Invited keynote, “English Aesthetics and U.S. Minority Literature,” American Studies Association of Turkey Conference, Alanya, November 2010.

Invited lecture, University of Malaya, August 2010, “Mine Okubo’s Graphic Memoir”

Invited workshops, “Teaching Creative Writing to Children: l & ll,” Gifted and Talented Curriculum Development, Education Bureau, Hong Kong, December 2010, and November 2009.

Invited paper, “Maxine Hong Kingston Peace Writing,” Hong Kong University, 2009

Invited talk, “My writer’s life and the Writing of Joss and Gold,” International Islamic University, Kuala Lumpur, August 2009.

Invited panelist, The Writers Forum, University of Hong Kong, July 2009.

Invited International Roundtable, “Discourse and Creativity,” City University, Hong Kong, May 7-9, 2009.

Invited keynote/reading, “Troubled and Troubling Genres,” Academic Memoirs, Pamplona, March 2009.

Invited workshop, “Teaching Poetry Writing to Children,” Gifted and Talented Curriculum Development, Education Bureau, Hong Kong, December 2008.

Invited paper/panelist, “On Maxine Hong Kingston’s Fifth Book of Peace: Chineseness and Pacifism.” Diasporas: University of Hong Kong, December 2008

Invited paper, “Life-On-Going Writing or Writing Life-On-going,” MIT Conference, Oct. 2008.

Invited lecture, “However, as an American: An Anglophone Poetics of my Own,” Academica Sinica, Taipei, August 2008.

Invited lecture, “On Writing the Memoir,” Taiwan Normal University Asian American Literature Forum, August 2008

Invited talk, “Globalized Feminism,” Taiwan Normal University, Asian American Literature Forum, August 2008.

Invited lecture, “Laughter as Therapy,” Kaohsiung Medical School, August 2008;

Invited keynote, “History, Fantasy, and Asian Children’s Literature,” International Festival for Asian Children’s Literature,” Singapore, June 2008.

Invited keynote, The Art of the Real Conference, University of Newcastle, Australia, May 16, 2008.

Invited talks, “Memoirs and the Genres of Truth,” University of Newcastle, May 2008.

Invited keynote, “Poetics, Politics: Do We Have to Choose?” California State University Graduate Students 13th Annual Conference. CSULA, April 2008.

“Diasporic Chinese Identities and Global Pacifism,” Harvard University, 2007.

Invited lecture. “Writing Between Childhood and Identity: Asian Selves and Post/Colonial Imaginaries,” University of Macau, 2007.

“Elusive Singapore Identity,” Brown University, 2006.

Invited speaker, “When is Multicultural Education?: US Peace and Perils,” American Studies Association, K-14 Luncheon Meeting, Oakland, October 2006.

Invited speaker, Symposium on Postcolonial Southeast Asia, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Sept 9, 2006.

Invited lecturer, “Romancing Singapore,” National Book Council, Singapore, August 15-16, 2006.

Invited speaker, Symposium on Malaysian English, University of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, August 1, 2006.

Invited panelist, “Cross-Cultural exchanges,” U.S. and East Asia: Common Values, Salzburg Seminar, June 11-14th, , 2006.

Plenary lecture, “Academic and Other Memoirs: Poetry, Memory, and the Body,” Plenary lecture, Ethnic Life Writing and Histories, MESEA, 5th Biennial Conference, Pamplona, Spain, May 18-20, 2006.

Invited lecture, “Globalization and the Individual Talent: Singapore Identity and Singlish,” Brown University Singapore Lecture Series, April 14 2006.

Invited talks, “The Life of Writing,” “Creative Writing and its Practices,” SUNY Binghamton, NY, April, 2006.

Invited lecture, “Asian American Literature,” University of Bahrain, “Symposium on Diverse Voices,” March 27 2006.

Invited talks to AMST 213, Eng. 133 classes, and closing panel, University of Bahrain, March 27-28 2006.

Invited lecture, “Business English in an Age of Globalization,” PAAC, Kuala Lumpur, March 25 2006.

Invited lecture, “Sister Swing and Malaysian Literature in English,” University Kebangsaan Malaysia, 24 March, 2006.

Invited Lecture, “Manglish and Stylistics,” University of Malaya, 23 March 2006.

Invited lecture, Universiti Putra Malaysia, “Malaysian English,” 23, March 2006.

Invited lecture, “Malaysian Women Writers in Literature in English and the Development of Malaysian Literature,” UTAR, Kuala Lumpur, March 22 2006

Invited talk, “Malaysian English in Global Context,” International Islamic University, 21 March, 2006.

Invited talk, “‘Manglish’ in Global Literatures,” Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, March 17 2006.

Invited seminar, “Manglishing Race and Gender,” National University of Singapore, 15 March 2006.

Invited lecture, “Localizing the Universal: Singapore Englishes as Nostalgia,” Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, March 15, 2006.

“The Literature of Displacement,” Panel with Gish Jen, Hong Kong International Literary Festival, March 2006.

Interviewer, “Maxine Hong Kingston with Shirley Geok-lin Lim,” Symposium on Asian American Literary Studies, UCSB, 23 February, 2006.

Panelist, “Theory and Practice of Writing Assessment,” Tunghai, Situating Writing in an EFL Context Conference, Dec. 3 2005.

Invited talk, “Memoirs and Misfits: the Eaton Sisters and Life Writing,” Tunghai University, Taiwan, Dec. 2 2005.

“Narrating Terror and Trauma: Ethnic American Literature and Homeland security,” National Chiaotung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan, Dec. 1, 2005.

Invited talks, “Literary Imaginings of Transnational Identities,” Chunghsing University, Nov. 28, 2006; Soochow, University, Taipeh, Nov. 30, 2006.

“Literary Reflections on the Asian Diaspora in America,” National Taichung University, Nov. 28, 2006.

Panelist, “(De)Constructing Identities: Cultural Translation and Literary Activism,” EALA Conference, 26 November, 2006.

Keynote, “Asian American Inventive Identities: Rethinking Differences and Hybridity in Chinese American Mixed-Race Literature,” 13th ROC British and American Literature Association (EALA) Conference, Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan, 26 November, 2006.

Invited seminar paper, “The Eaton Sisters’ Sibling Hybridities: Chinese American Diaspora, Transnationalism, and Feminism in Turn-of-the century American literature,” University of Hong Kong English Dept. seminar series, Oct 13 2005.

Invited Talk, “Shared Concerns in Modern Languages Pedagogy,” Universidade Federal De Pernambuco (Recife), Brazil, August 10, 2005.

Talk, “Global Issues in English Language Teaching,” Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Brazil, August 16th 2005.

Keynote, “Diversity in Higher Education: Issues of diversity in higher education, benefits of inclusion, and multicultural awareness,” 20th anniversary UCSB Library Fellowship Program, July 2005.

Plenary, “Articulate Anger: Aesthetics and Activism in Asian American Women’s Poetry,” Fudan University, Shanghai, June 1 2005.

Plenary, “Difference and Sibling Hybridities in Early Twentieth Century American Literature: The Special Case of Sui Sin Far and Winnifred Eaton’s Life Writings.” Asian/Asian American Disaporas lecture series, Michigan State University, April 2005; and plenary lecture, Spain American Studies Association, Jaen, Spain, March 16, 2005.

Invited talk, “Not an Academic memoir,” Feminists and Their Academic Memoirs, Symposium in Honor of Carolyn Heilbrun, Columbia University, February 2005.

Invited keynote: “Articulate Anger: Aesthetics and Activism in Asian American Women’s Poetry,” American Woman of Color Conference, Baltimore, November 2004.

Invited lectures: “Material Culture and Literary Context,” Alice Lloyd College lectures, November 1; and “Haiku and Open Forms,” November 3, 2004

Convocation address, Alice Lloyd College, 1 November, 2004.

Invited talk, Lincoln Corner, Malacca State Library, 18 August, 2004.

Invited talk, Lincoln Corner, National Library, Kuala Lumpur, 19 August, 2004.

Invited talk, University of Malaya, 20 August, 2004.

Invited talk, International Islamic University, 23 August, 2004.

Invited talk, Lincoln Corner, Kuching State Library, Sabah, 24 August, 2004.

Invited talk, Lincoln Corner, Kota Kinabalu Library, 25 August, 2004.

Invited talk, University of Sarawak, 26 August, 2004.

Invited talk, Institute of Modern Languages, Kuala Lumpur, 27 August, 2004.

Invited talk, Star Newspaper Auditorium, Kuala Lumpur, 28 August, 2004.

Invited talk, “Asian American Writing for Malaysian Readers,” Malaysian US Embassy Video-conference with MIT, Malacca and Kuala Lumpur, November.

“Writing Between Imperfect Translations,” MIT Humanities Library, Sept. 17, 2003.

Invited talk, “What is it with Homeland Security?” April 15, 2003.

Invited lecture, “Asian American U.S., Diasporic, and Transnational Paradigms,” Salzburg Seminar on Contemporary American Literature, April 6, 2003.

Keynote, “Diversity, U.S. Multiethnic Literature and ‘Homeland Security’,” Conversations Among Partners in Learning, Georgia State University, Atlanta, March 15, 2003.

Invited paper, “Florence Howe: Publisher and editor,” MLA Convention 2002.

Keynote, “Identity and English-language Writing in Malaysia and Singapore: The Soul and the Market Place,” English in Southeast Asia: Changing Responses to Challenging Times Conf. Baptist University, HK, Dec. 2002.

Invited Talk, “Identifying Foods, Identifying Selves,” Huntington Library's Women's Studies Seminar, November 23, 2002.

Keynote: “Old Diasporas, New Transnationalism, and Global Literature by Authors of Chinese Descent.” Conference on Literatures of the Chinese Diaspora, San Francisco, October 2002.

Keynote, “Is There a Life Here?: Writing about the Writing of Life-Writing,” Watson Conference, Oct. 2002.

Invited talk, “Joss and Gold: On Creative Writing,” Universiti Putra, Sept. 3, 2002.

Invited lecture, “Malaysia Anglophone Writing and Diaspora,” Universiti Kebangsaan, Kuala Lumpur, Sept. 2, 2002.

Invited talk, “Malaysian English and Writing,” University of Malaya, Sept. 2, 2002.

Invited lecture, “Teaching Monsoon History.” Malacca English Language Teachers, August 27, 2002.

Invited talk, “Writing from a Local Habitation.” National Library, Singapore, August 17 2002.

Faculty Research Lecture, “The Strangeness of Creative Writing,” UCSB, May 20, 2002.

Plenary Address, “Art as Ambassador,” Fulbright Conference, Washington DC, Nov. 9, 2001.

Invited Lecture, “Invisible Voices, Multiplying Crosscurrent in Asian American Literature,” Georgia State University, October 2001.

Talk, “Teaching to Love English,” MPH Bookstore, Mid-Valley Mall, KL, July 2001.

Plenary Paper, “Singapore Novels, Regionalism and Globalization,” ACLALS, Canberra, July 2001.

Invited panelist, Fulbright Regional Digital Video Conference, Hong Kong US Consulate, May 16, 2001.

Invited Lecture, “Regionalism and the English Narrative in the Age of Globalization,” National Library Board, Singapore, November 2000.

Invited Lecture, “Transnational Asia Pacific/American Literature: The Tradition of Anamnesia,” Association of Korean American Studies, Seoul, Oct. 2000.

Invited Speaker, “Space Travel, Asian Astronauts, and Postmodern Global Identity in Asian Pacific/American Writing.” The Prospects and Problems of Globalization, University of Oregon, June 29-30, 2000.

Invited paper, “Chicano/a and Asian American Ethnopoetics: Comparative Traditions,” Teaching American Literature and Culture in Asian Learning Contexts, Sun Yat-sen America Center, Kaioshung University, Taiwan, June 1-3, 2000.

Keynote Speaker, “Asian-in-American Refugee Space Travelers in Asian/Asian American Writing,” National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan, May 27-28, 2000.

Panel Member, “Diaspora Conversation,” The Centre for the Study of the Globalisation and Cultures; Hong Kong, March 30, 2000.

Keynote, “Sons and Widows: Racing and Gendering the Colonized Subject in Chin Kee Onn’s Twilight of the Nyonyas.” 9th Biennual Asia-Pacific Symposium Singapore Dec. 1999.

Invited commentator, American Studies Conference, Hanoi, Oct. 1999.

Invited Lecture, "From Chinatown to Scarshill: Bodies, Space and Place in Chinese American Literature," Remapping Chinese America, An International Conference on Chinese American Literature, Academy Sinica, Taiwan, June 1999.

Invited lecture, Cross-cultural Perspectives on Women, Identity, Food, University of British Columbia, May 13, 1999.

Invited lecture, "Maternal Memory and the New Born," Center for Foreign Languages and Literatures," M.I.T., April 29,1999.

Invited University Lecture, "Working in the Global Knowledge Industry: Who Wins? Who Loses?" University of Western Australia, March 1999.

Invited lecture. "Problems of Methodology and Pedagogy for Interdisciplinary English and Women's Studies," University of Western Australia, March 1999

Invited Lecture, “Bodies, Sex, Space: A Malaysian/Singapore/American Matrix.” University of Western Australia, March 1999.

Invited lecture, “Nonya Myths: Chin Kee Onn’s Twilight of the Nonyas,” University of Western Australia, March 1999.

Keynote Address, "Comparative American Studies," Austrian American Studies Association Conference, Innsbruck, November 1998.

Invited lecture, "Not Waving But Drowning: Creativity and Identity in Disaporic Writing," University of Illinois Center for Advanced Study, Nov. 1998; Dept. of English Seminar, University of Western Australia, March 1999; Albany UWA Campus, March 1999.

Plenary Workshop Speaker,” Writers on their Work and Aesthetics,” Center for Ideas, UC, Riverside, Oct. 1998.

Invited lecture, “Postcolonial Filipino American Literature: Jessica Hagedorn’s The Dogeaters,” Research Seminar Series, The University of Hong Kong, March 19, 1998.

Forum Speaker, “Transforming the Disciplines: Women of Color as Writers, Teachers And Scholars,” MLA, Toronto, Dec. 28 1997.

Invited lecture, "Feminist and Postcolonial Recasting of Asian American Literature," Univ. of Pittsburgh, Nov. 20 1997.

Invited lecture, "Tilting the Continents: The South-east Asian Edge," California State University Long Beach, Nov. 18, 1997.

“Asian American and Cross-Cultural Identities,” Asian American Studies Noon Series, Cross Cultural Center, UC Irvine, Nov. 6, 1997.

Panelist, “American Feminisms/Transnational Constructions,” American Studies Association Conference, Washington D.C., Nov. 1997.

Panelist, International Literature, House of Culture, Berlin, Oct. 10, 1997.

Invited Speaker, Andere Zeiten, Internationale Literaturtage, Stadtische Fachoberschule, Nurnberg, Germany, Oct. 8, 1998.

Invited Speaker, Andere Zeiten, Albert-Schweitzer-Gymnasium, Erlangen, Germany, Oct. 7, 1998.

Invited panelist, “Geschiten uber Geschichte,” Andere Zeiten, Interlit 4, Theaterplatz, Erlangen, Germany, Oct. 4, 1997.

Invited lecture, “Under the Curtain: Identity, Race, Territory,” Les Femmes et Les Textes, Leeds University, July 2-5, 1997.

Invited lecture, “Asian American Literature,” USIA Summer Institute on American Literature, UCSB July 1997.

Invited panelist. "Publishing By and For Women: Gender and Race on the Campus and in the School," American Association of University Women, June 20, 1997.

Invited panelist, “Multicultural Literature,” American Librarians Association, San Francisco,

Invited Lecture, "The Future of Women Intellectuals," Radcliffe, May 97.Invited Lecture, “Writing a Woman’s Life: Asia, Gender, Genre,” Suffolk University, April 14.

Invited lecture, "Jessica Hagedorn's Dogeaters: Postcolonial Asian American literature," Huntington Library, March 29, 1997.

Invited Keynote, "Before Her Time, Of Her Time: Kartini's Letters of a Javanese Princess," Asian Women Authors Conference, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Jan. 1997.

Invited talk, "Asian Women's Memoirs and Postcolonial Asian Locations," University of Minnesota, Dec.2, 1996.

Invited lecture, “Asian and Asian American Women’s Memoirs,” University of Hong Kong, Nov. 7, 1996.

Invited keynote, “Bookworms, Silverfish, and Librarians,” Singapore Association of Librarians, Nov. 1, 1996.

Invited Lecture, "Writing a Woman's Life," National Institute of Education, Singapore, Oct. 1996.

Invited talk, “The Writer and Politics,” Foreign Correspondents Forum, Singapore, Oct. 25, 1996.

Invited talk, “Gender Issues,” Unit on Women and Gender, Universiti Sains, Penang, Oct. 21, 96.

Invited Lecture, “Writing as Difference: Gender and Ethnicity in Contemporary Literature in English,” Universiti Kebangsaan, Bangi, KL, Sept. 25, 1996.

Invited Lecture, “Current Issues and Trends in Asian American Literature,” International Islamic University, Petaling Jaya, Sept. 24, 1996.

Invited Lecture, “My Creative Process: Poetry, Fiction, and Memoirs,” Dewan Bahasa, Sept. 24, 1996.

Invited Lecture, “Writing a Malaysian/American Memoir,” International Islamic University, Petaling Jaya, Sept. 23, 1996.

Invited Lecture, “Comparing Malaysian/Singapore Writing in English and American Literature,” Universiti Pertanian, Sept. 23, 1996.

Invited commentator, American Ethnic Issues, American Studies Centre, National U of Singapore, Sept. 18, 1996.

Invited Speaker, “Gifted with Second Sight” Second Annual W.E.B. DuBois Lecture, UCSB, May 1996.

Invited lecture, “Feminist Epistemology and Postcolonial Theory: Contigency and collisions in Asian American Literature,” Univ. of Hawaii, April 11, 1996.

Invited talk, "International English Literature: The Imperial-Colonial Divide," International Festival, Un. of Calgary, Feb. 9 1996.

Invited lecture “Informing the American Nation: Asia, Gender, Genre,” American Literature Association Conf, Puerto Vallarta, Feb 1-4, 1996.

Invited paper, “Asian American Literature, the Canon, and the Millennium,” National Council of Teachers of English, Detroit Nov. 18, 1995.

“Eavan Boland and Shirley Geok-lin Lim: A Dialogue,” Multicultural Center Theater, UCSB, October 1995.

Invited reading and talk, “Writing in Malaysia, Writing in America,” Washington U, St. Louis, October 1995.

Invited lecture, “Problematics of Canonization in Asian American Literature,” USIA Summer Institute, UCLA, 1995.

Invited talk, “Feminist Presses and Ethnic Women writing,” National Women’s Studies Association, Oklahoma, July 1995.

Workshop leader and host, “Multiculturalism, Diversity, De-canonization: The Pragmatics of Curriculum Integration,” Retreat at Centennial House, UCSB, June 12, 1995.

Invited response paper, “Transnationals, Immigrants, Diaspora,” Mass media, Gender Formation And a Chinese Public Sphere Conf., UCSB, May 1995.

Faculty Speaker, “Committing Yourself: You and the University,” Young Scholars day, UCSB, April 95.

Invited lecture, “‘Disciplining’ Ethnicity: Discourses of Opposition.” Univ. of Miami, Jan 18, 1995.

Invited lecture, “Gender Representations of Asian Americans in American Culture,” Univ. of Miami, Jan. 19, 1995.

Invited Lecture, “Theory, Bloodlines, and Territory,” World Literature and Bastardized Interpretations Seminar, Denmark, Oct. 1994.

Plenary Speaker, “On Not Writing on a Postcard: Exilic and Expatriate Literatures,” Factions and Frictions Conference, Flinders University Adelaide, Sept. 1994.

Invited Lecture, “Theory and Postcolonial Studies,” University of Adelaide, Sept. 1994.

Invited Speaker, “Writers in Dialogue,” British Council, Singapore, August 1994.

Invited Lecture, “Gender Contestations in Asian American Literature,” National University of Singapore, Aug. 1994.

Invited Lecture, “Audience-Based Pedagogy and Desk-Top Publishing: Teaching Creative Writing,” Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Aug. 1994.

Invited panelist, “Sex and Sensuality,” Sixth International Feminist Bookfair, Melbourne, July 1994.

Invited panelist, “International Feminist Presses,” Sixth International Feminist Bookfair, Melbourne, July 1994.

Invited panelist, “The Process and Problems of Writing,” International Short Story Conference, Northern Iowa University, June 1994.

Invited panelist, “Literature and Political Correctness,” International Short Story Conference, Ames, Iowa State U., June 1994.

Commencement Speaker, Arts and Humanities Convocation, University of California, Santa Barbara, June 94.

Commencement Speaker, Alternative Commencement, UCSB, June 94.

Invited panelist, “Anthologizing America: Who’s In and Who’s Out? Who Decides?” Unsettling America Conference. Passaic Community College, New Jersey, 1994.

Plenary Speaker, “In Quest of Amerasia: The Other Discourse,” Asian American Conference, Michigan State University, March 1994.

Invited lecture, “Rescripting Chu’s Eat a Bowl of Tea,” University of Pennsylvania, March 1994; Also presented at USIA lecture at University of California Los Angeles August 1993; UC Humanities Research Institute, Irvine, May 1993.

Invited responder, “Engendering subjects: Fe/Male Constructions in Asian American Literature,” American Studies Association, Boston Nov. 7, 1993.

Invited workshop, “Teaching One World of Literature,” University of Michigan, 1993.

Invited Talk, “Internationalizing the Curriculum,’ Macomb Community College, Sept. 1993.

Invited Panelist, “The Writer’s Perspective,” The Fusion of Cultures Conference, Munich University, October 1993.

Invited paper, “Diaspora and/or Nationalism: Timothy Mo’s Novels,” Munich University, October 1993.

Invited Lecture, “Asian American Images,” Freshman Symposium, Southwestern University, September 1993.

Invited panelist, “The Rhetoric of Autobiography,” Stanford University, Autobiography Conference, March 1993.

Invited lectures, “Up Against the National Canon: Women’s Memoirs,” McMaster University, 1992; also at Brock University, Canada, 1992.

Invited Plenary Speaker,“How Can Autobiography Mean Postcolonially?” The Commonwealth in Canada Conference, Guelph University, 1992.

Invited Keynote Speaker, “Gender Transformations in Asian American Representations,” Chiang Mai, May 1992.

Invited panelist, "Culture and Values," Asia Society Symposium, L.A., April 1992.

Invited Keynote Speaker, "Gender, Ethnicity, and Nation: A Postcolonial Meditation," International Women Writers Conference, Edinburgh, 1991.

Invited Lecture, “A Feminist Autobiography from Singapore: Janet Lim’s Sold for Silver,” Center for Intercultural Studies, Josai University, Japan, 1991.

Invited speaker, “Asian American Women Meeting Challenges in Higher Education,” Asian Pacific Americans for Higher Education, Oakland, 1991.

Invited Lecture, “Aversions and Controversies: Feminism and Asian American Women’s Writing,” Jesse Ames Lecture, Southwestern University, 1991.

Invited Lecture, “Always Already in Intersection: Ethnic and feminist Studies in Asian American Literature,” Alleghany College, 1991.

Invited lecture, “Asian American Women Life-Stories: Re-writing Asian Maternal Texts,” University of California, Riverside, 90; California State University San Jose, 1990.

Invited Lecture, “Ruptures, Repairs, and the Present Status of Asian American Literary Studies,” University of California, Santa Barbara, 89.

Invited lecture, “Lost and Neglected Women Writers of Malaysia and Singapore, 1940s-80s,” English Dept. seminar, National University of Singapore, 1989.

Invited panelist, “Language and Literature,” Glasgow Festival of International Writing, 1989.

Invited speaker, “The Success Motif as a Problematic in Singapore English-language Writing,” Association of Commonwealth Languages And Literatures Conference, University of Kent, 1989.

Invited speaker, “Using The Forbidden Stitch to Teach Asian American Women’s Writing,” National Association of Women’s Studies, Towson, 1989.

Invited lecture, “The Ambivalent Asian American: Asian American Literature on the Cusp,” Mellon Lecture, Brown University, 1988.

Invited speaker, “The Concept of Self and The Asian Woman Writer,” East-West Center, Hawaii, 1988.

Invited lecture, “Asian American Women’s Life-stories,” University of Louisville, 1987; NEH Seminar, Barnard, 1987.

Keynote, “Poetry as a Renewed Force in America,” Poetry Conference, Westchester College, New York, 1987.

Invited talk, “The Relation Between the Writer and Literary Magazines,” Coordinating Council for Literary Magazines Program, New York 1986.

Invited lecture, “Tongue and Root,” Politics of Exile Symposium, London, 1987.

Invited speaker, “The Role of English in World Literature,” Commonwealth Writers Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 1986.

Invited speaker, “The Writer and Ideology: Response in Singapore, 1940-80s,” East-West Center, Hawaii, 1986; Sociology Seminars, National University of Singapore, 1986.

Invited speaker, “The Filipino Literary Scene,” English Dept. Seminar, National University of Singapore, 1986.

Invited speaker, “Finding a Native Voice: Overcoming an English Education,” English Honors Seminar, Singapore 1986.

Invited speaker, “Connections: Local Writing and the Literature Curriculum,” Language Proficiency Center, Singapore, 1986.

Invited speaker, “Reader-Response Theory and Teaching Literature in Singapore,” National Institute of Education, Singapore, 1986.

Invited speaker, “The State of English-language Writing in Malaysia,” University of Philippines, 1985.

Invited speaker, “The Peranakan Literary Tradition in English-language Writing from Malaysia and Singapore,” Southeast Asian Writers Conference, Bali, 1985.

Invited speaker, “The Future of Asian American Arts,” University of Washington, 1984.

Invited speaker, “How to Create Ethnic Characters,” University of Washington, 1984.

Invited speaker, “Voices from the Hinterland: Plurality and identity in the New National Literatures in English from Malaysia and Singapore,” Association of Commonwealth Languages And Literatures, University of Guelph, 1983.

Invited lecture. “Asian American Writing,” Rutgers University Colloquium on Ethnicity, 1982.

Invited lecture, “Notes Toward a Local Fiction,” Faculty Seminar, National University of Singapore, 82.

Invited lecture, “Images of Women in Literature,” Singapore Book fair, 82.

Invited speaker, “A Study of Influence: Edwin Thumboo,” International Symposium of Southeast Asian/Australian Literature, U. of Western Australia, Perth, 1982.

Invited speaker, “Make it New: Introducing Poetry Through Writing Poetry,” Excellence in teaching Conference, New York, 1982.

Invited speaker, “How to Organize and Set Up Writing Labs,” Pace University 1982; National Council of Teachers of English 1982; New York States Council of Teachers of English, 1981.

Papers Presented:

“Lore and Pedagogy in Creative Writing,” Modern Language Association, Dec. 2008.

“Asian American Women’s Memoirs,” Asian American Studies Association Conference, San Francisco, May 2003.

“Japanese American Transnational Women Writing: Kathleen Tamagawa and Haru Matsui.” American Studies Association, Washington DC, Nov. 10, 2001.

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“The Bilingual College: Teaching to the Student,” National Council of Teachers of English, 1976.

“The Bilingual, Bicultural College Publication,” National Council of College Publications Advisors, N.Y., 1974.

Conference Sessions Chaired or Moderated:

Chair, panel on Asian American Cultural Studies, MELUS, April 2011.

Panelist, Gradate Education and Ethnic Studies, MELUS, April 2011.

Chair, “Culture, Music, Literature in Southern Hemispheric Studies,” Conference on Hemispheric Studies, UCSB, 2010.

Chair and moderator, panel on indigenous cultural studies, American Studies, Washington, DC, 2009.

Chair, panel on JTAS, California American Studies, Santa Barbara, 2009.

Chair, panel on transracial adoptions, Asian American Studies Association Conference, New York, 2007.

Moderator, “Transnational Race,” Racing Across Borders Conference, UCSB, May 2006.

Chair and interviewer, Maxine Hong Kingston, Asian American Literary Studies Conference, American Cultures in Global Contexts, UCSB, Feb. 2006.

Chair and commentator, “Dancing Through the Minefields,” MLA, Philadelphia, December 2004.

Chair and commentator, “Transracial/Transnational Adoptions in Literary and Cyber Space,” Responder, American Studies Association, Atlanta, November 2004.

Chair and commentator, “Paper Tigresses: Asian American Women Writers and the Body,” MLA, San Diego, 2003.

Moderator, “Beyond U.S. Multicultural? Asian Diasporas and New transnational Cultures,” MIT, Oct. 2003.

Chair, “Fitting In and Coming Out: Queer Asian Americans,” BASIC, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Sept 20 2003.

Organized, moderated, and speaker, “The Japanese American Internment, Camp Life and Civil Rights: Listening to Tetsuo and May Takayanagi and Mine Okubo.” Simmons Hall, MIT, Sept. 19, 2003.

Chair, Forum on “Histories, Poetics and Politics of Homeland Security, IHC, UCSB, Feb. 7, 2003.

Chair, “Transnational and/or Transgender Cultural Productions,” MLA Convention 2002.

Chair of panel, International Conference: Travel, Art and Literature, National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan, May 2000

Chair, session, Remapping Chinese America, Academica sinica, Taiwan, June 1999.

Chair and responder, “Keeping the Ethnic Subject Alive,” MLA, Chicago, 1995.

“Queering the Ethnic: Gay and Lesbian Minority Representations in American Studies.” American Studies Association Conference, Pittsburg, 1995.

“Multiple Subjectivities,” MLA, San Diego 1994.

“Pacific Literatures,” MLA San Diego, 1994

Chair and responder for “Engendering Subjects,” American Studies Assoc. Conference, Boston 1993.Multicultural Translations Conference, UCSB 92.

Velina Haesu Houston, A Literature of One’s Own Conference, UBSB, 91.

Chair, Maxine Hong Kingston Reading, MLA, 1991.

“Decolonizing Theory: Retextualizing the New Literatures,” MLA Forum, 1990.

“Feminist Issues in Postcolonial Literatures,” MLA Convention, 1989.

“Intersecting Representations: Representations of the Other in Asian American Literature and of Asian Americans in Other American Literatures,” MLA Convention, 89.

“Colonial and Postcolonial Women’s Fiction: Gender Bo(u)nds,” MLA Convention, 88.

“The Politics of Boundaries: Women’s Writing,” MLA Convention 86.

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“Measuring the Effectiveness of Writing Labs,” Beaver College Cooperative Conference, 78.

“The Teacher’s Search for Help: Subjective Dimensions in College Composition,” NCTE 77.

“To Read or Not to Read: Evaluating Students’ Writing,” Writing Institute, 76.

“How Do Writing Labs Specialize?” CUNY/CAWS Conference, 76.

“Teaching Literature to Open Admissions Students,” MLA Convention 76.

Other Professional Activities

Ed. Board

Founding editor, Journal of Transnational American Studies, on-line journal, 2009-;

Associate Ed. Historical Companion to Postcolonial Literature, Edinburgh UP, 2004.

Life Writing (Australian Public Intellectual Network) 2003-; Editor (Asian American) The Literary Dictionary and Literary Encyclopedia, Cambridge UP 2002-; American Literature Heath Anthology for Asia, 2000-; Women's Studies Quarterly (1999-); World Englishes, MELUS (Multi-ethnic Literatures of the United States); New Literatures Review, ARIEL; Short Story Journal; Cultures; Feminist Studies (1993-98); Creative Writing Editor, Feminist Studies (1999-); International Editor for FSEL, Feminist Studies in the English Language, Korea.

Founder and advisory editor, Yuan Yang A Journal of Hong Kong and International Writing (2000-);

Advisory Board or Contributing/Corresponding Editor

for Life Writing, Ethnic Studies: an Interdisciplinary Journal of Culture, Race, and Ethnicity, 2005-; 3L Journal of Language, Linguistics and Literature, University Kebangsaan, Malaysia, 2002-; Thaqafat: A Journal for the Arts and cultural Studies, Bahrain, 2003-; Southeast Asian Review of English (a journal published by MACLALS - Malaysian Association of Commonwealth Lit. and Lang. Studies), 2002-; advisory board member for web-based course for training Secondary School teachers to teach Language Arts, English Centre, HKU; Dimsum (1999); Manoa (1999) Journal of Caribbean Studies; Forkroads: A Journal of Ethnic American Literature; Calyx; SPAN (South Pacific, Australia, New Zealand Journal); Woolf Studies Annual.

Consulting Ed.

for new series, “Studies in Asia-Pacific ‘Mixed Race’ Peter Lang, 2006-

Consulting ed. Belles Lettres, 1988-90; advisory ed. Americas Cultural Studies Series U. of Pennsylvania Press, 1991-?;, 100 Skoob Pacifica, 1992-?; Heath Anthology Reconstructing American Literature; others.


for Concentric, 2008, 2009; PMLA, 2007; Pedagogy 2009, 2007, (2004-), Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion, 2004-2006; Journal of South East Asian Studies (2002-), World Englishes (2002); Frontiers, Pedagogy, Mosaic; PMLA; World Englishes; College English; Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature (2000); Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Canada, 1999; PMLA, 1999; American Literature (1999); World Englishes, 1999; College English, 1999; American Literary History, National Endowment for the Humanities, Signs, PMLA, ARIEL; Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature; Mosaic; NWSA Journal; MELUS; Feminist Studies; Crossroads, Channel 13 Writing Program; and others. For Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Canada, 1999.

Reviewed manuscripts

for Cambria Press, 2013; Routledge, 2010, 2006; Wayne State University Press, 2006; others. U. Illinois Press, 2004; University of Wisconsin Press, 2003; Hong Kong U P, 2002; Cambridge University Press, 2002; University of Hawaii Press, 2002; Feminist Press (2001), Hong Kong University Press, 2001, Cambridge University Press, 2001; Routledge, Hong Kong Institute of Education; Oxford University Press; University of Oklahoma Press 2000; MLA Press; NTC Publishing Company, 1998; University of Washington Press; University of Wisconsin Press;, Cambridge University Press; Feminist Press; Oxford University Press.; Humanities Press; Houghton Mifflin.

Advisory Committee

for University of California Humanities Research Institute, Irvine 95-96; The Merchantile Library National Endowment for the Humanities Advisory Committee on Asian American Literature, 95-; MLA Grant for NEH Exhibition on Language Diversity in America, 90-91.


Budding Poets Competition, Hong Kong, 2009, 2010, 2011, 1012, 2013.

RGC award, Hong Kong, 2011.

NEA Literature Awards 2007.

ACLS Early Career Fellowship Program, 2006-07 Competition of Dissertation Completion Fellowship, 2006.

Mary C. Turpie Award, American Studies Association, 2006-2008

General Nonfiction judge for 2006 Oregon Book Awards

Evaluator, “The Big Read,” Mid-West, National Endowment for the Arts, 2005.

The 2005 Poets’ Prize, 2006, 2007

Evaluator for MacArthur Fellowship Program, 2004, 2005.

Women’s Caucus of the Modern Languages, Florence Howe Awards and Annette Kolodny Travel Award, 2003, 2004, 2005.

Lois Cranston Memorial Poetry Prize, sponsored by Calyx, 2004

Wayne State University Hatch Award and John Clare Prize, 2004

Judge, Shelley Memorial Poetry Award, UC/Poetry Society of America, 2004

Judge, IMPAC Literary Prize for 2002: 2003-2004.

Writer’s Voice Poetry Contest, Detroit, March 2002.

Dymocks-Singapore Literary Prize, 2000.

RGC awards, Hong Kong, 1999-2011.

Hong Kong Post's Letter Writing Competition, May 2001

Fiction Judge for The Paterson Fiction Prize, 1998.

Non-fiction judge, Andres Berger Award, Northwest Writers, April 1998.

Fifteenth Neustadt International Prize for Literature, Feb. 1998.

Association of Asian American Studies Literature and Cultural Studies Prizes, 93-94;

PEN West Poetry Competition 1992

Foerster Prize Committee for American Quarterly 1991

Coordinating Council of Literary Magazines Editors Awards, 1985, 1987.

Panelist for NEH Exemplary Awards, 1984.

External Institutional reviews

External reviewer and Chair of Review Committee, Undergraduate Program Dept of English, University of Riverside, April 2011.

External reviewer for Dept. of English, University of Malaya, June 16-23, 2010; and eternal examiner, 2010-2012;

External accessor, 2012-2013.

External reviewer for Centre for Research in Women’s Studies and Gender Relations, University of British Columbia, March 2005.

External Reviewer, Women’s Studies Program, University of British Columbia, Feb. 2004

External Reviewer for Graduate Program in the Humanities, York University, March 20-21, 2003.

External reviewer for English Department, U.C. Riverside, Feb. 2003.

External Consultant for Review of English Department, University of San Francisco, 2001.

USIA External Consultant, Tribhuvan University, Katmandu, Nepal, 2000.

USIA External Consultant, Tribhuvan University, Katmandu, Nepal, 1998.

Peer Review Committee, Southeast Asia, for the Fulbright Senior Scholars Awards 1997 and 1998.

UOEAP Thailand Review Committee, 98; UOEAP Southeast Asia Review Committee, 99.

External Reviewer for Department of English, University of Hong Kong, 1996.

External Personnel Reviews

External Reviewer for tenure, UC Riverside, 2013.

External reviewer for promotion, MIT, 2013.

External reviewer for promotion, NTU, 2013

External reviewer for tenure, NIE/NTU, 2012.

External reviewer for tenure, City U Hong Kong, 2012.

External reviewer for UGC Grant, HK, 2011

External reviewer for assistant professor mid-review, Stanford University, 2010

External reviewer for tenure, Ohio State University, 2010.

External reviewer for appointment, City University, HK, 2009.

External reviewer for promotion to professor, Bates College, 2008.

External reviewer for promotion to professor Step 6, UC Irvine, 2008.

External reviewer for tenure and promotion to Associate Professor, MIT, January 2005.

External reviewer for promotion to professor, Santa Clara University, 2004.

External reviewer for promotion to professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2004.

External reviewer for promotion to professor, National University of Singapore, 2003.

External Reviewer for professor recruitment, Stanford University, 2002

Outside evaluator, tenure, University of Hawaii, 2003;

External reviewer for Chair Professor of English, City University, Hong Kong, 2000, 2001.

Merit, Promotion and tenure reviews to Full and Associate Professors, SUNY Binghamton, 2002; University of Southern California, 2002; Michigan State University 2002; Borough of Manhattan Community College, 2001; National University of Singapore, 2001, 1999; University of Western Australia 1998; Asian American Studies Program, UC Irvine, 1998; Dept. of English, University of California, Riverside, 97; University of California, Los Angeles, 97; mid-tenure review University of Utah, 97; University of Northern Iowa, 96; Brown University, 96-97; University of California, Riverside 96; University of Northern Iowa, 96; Universiti Kebangsaan, Malaysia, 96; Baruch College, 1995; UCLA, 1994; Stanford, 1994, Tenure Review for Department of Ethnic Studies; University of California Berkeley,1991.



Poetry Without Borders--readings, City U of Hong Kong, June 2013

Poetry Party! Workshops for Hong Kong Children, City U of Hong Kong, 2012, 2013

Moving Poetry, Workshops for Hng Kong children, U of Hong Kong, 2001, 2002

Ten Poets Night--readings, City U of Hong Kong, 2012, 2013

Director’s Advisory Board,

Brandeis University, Women’s Studies 2004-.

Member, Board of Directors, Teachers for a Democratic Culture, 1998-;

Founding Ed. of Asian America: Journal of Culture and the Arts, Issues 1 & 2, 92/93.

Service on Dissertation Committees:

Advisors for Ann Cong-Huyen, Kellye Franklin, and Sharon Tang-Quan (2008-), Steven Sohn, Eric Martinsen, Douglas Hong (2005-2008); Nhu Le (2005); Caroline Hong (2003-2009); Ly Chong (2001-); Sharon Doetsch (2001-2009), Joomi Kim (2201-2002), Sumita Lall (2001-2010)

Dissertation Chair, Co-Chair for Sharon Tang-Quan (2009-present), Ann Cong-Huyn (2009-2010), Nhu Le (2007-2013); Ly Chong (2001-2012), Karen Bishop (Comparative Lit, 2004-2008: Harvard University, instructor; Rutgers University ACLALS Fellow); Eric Martinsen (2004-2010, Ventura Community College), Caroline Hong (2004-2009, Queens College, City University of New York), Ly Chong (2002-), Stephen Sohn (2002-2007, Stanford University); Laura Szanto (2002-2007, University of Massachusetts, Amherst); Sharon Doetsch (2002-2010, Asian Women’s University); Karen Chow (Asst. Prof. U. of Connecticut/De Anzio College); co-advisor for Noelle Williams (Associate Prof. CSU San Jose). Major advisor for John Inouye.

MA advisor, Karen Bishop, Comparative Lit. (2003-04)

MA exam reader, Christina Cheng (2008-2009); Mary Seliger, Comparative Lit (2006); Stacey Van Damn, Comparative Lit (2003)

Member of Ph.D. Committee for Yanoula Athanssakis (2006-2011), Alex McKee (2006-2010), Gina Valentino (2004-2008, University of Rhode Island); John Gamber (2004-2007, Columbia University); Emily Davis (2003-2007, University of Delaware), Sumita Lall (2001-2010, Ventura Community College); Susan Ponce (2002-); Robert Bennett (Assistant Professor, U. of Montana, Bozeman), David Vazques (1999-2003, Assistant Professor, U. of Oregan), Smara Paysse, Susan Najita (Associate Prof. U. of Michigan), Patrick Williams (Prof CSU Los Angeles), Laura Holiday (Asst Prof. Randolph Macon), Helen Cavender; Tom Henthorne (Associate Prof. Pace University); Guy Ritger; advisory member for Peter Kearley, Wayne State University, 97.

Chair of Committee on Ph. D. oral exams for Wei-Ming Darriotis, April 1995 (Associate Prof. San Francisco State); Marshall Hatorri, 1994 (De Anzio CC).

Undergraduate Honors and Independent Studies Directed:

Tuzul xx, Naomi Geraci, Lucy Wong, Kaitlyn Ezell, Sean Rhys, Greg Bangs, Immanuel Blough, Gina Paradiso, Wes Holtermann, etc.

External Ph.D. Examiner

University of New South Wales, S.Y. Wong, 2004; Sydney, Chris McLeod, Murdoch University, 2001; Marilyn Iwama, University of British Columbia, 1998; Matilda Gabrielpillai, English Dept., University of British Columbia, 97; for Sharon Davey, University of Adelaide, 96; for Nina Morgan, UC Riverside, 1994; for Anne Brewster, Flinders University, 1988.

External Examiner

for M.A. Program, University of Hong Kong, 1998-99, 1999-2000; External Assessor for General Studies curriculum, City University of Hong Kong, 2009.

HKU Internal Examiner for Vicky Lee (2001); Fang Hong, 2000.

HKU External examiner for M.A. Anthony Siu, 2000

Post Graduate Students Supervision for HKU

Ph.D. Chin Voon Sheong, Grace [co-supervise with Dr. Heim] (Assistant professor, U. of Brunei)

Ph.D. Zhou Jingqiong (co-supervise with Dr. Richards)

MPhil. Li Zhaohui, Sunny (co-supervise with Dr. Tong); complete 2002

MPhil. Wong Sui Sum, Grace (co-supervise with Dr. Kang), complete 2002.


Member of Society for the Study of American Women Writers Advisory Board, 2003-2005

Co-Chair of American Studies Association Conference 2004 Program, 2003-2004.

Delegate Assembly member for Division on Women’s Studies in Language and Literature, 2004-2006

Member of PMLA Advisory Committee, 2005-2008;

MLA, Second Vice-President, Women’s Caucus in Modern Languages, 2002-2004;

MLA Advisory Committee for International Bibliography and Chair of MLA Advisory Committee for International Bibliography, 2000-2003;

MLA Women's Studies in Language and Literature Executive Committee, Chair 2002;

MLA Women's Studies Executive Committee, 99-2003;

ASA Women’s Committee, 96-99, Chair, 98-99;

Programs Com. American Studies Ass, ‘94;

ASA Minority Scholars Com, 93-95, Chair, 95-97;

MLA Com. on Languages and Literatures of the United States 93-95, Chair 95-;

Virginia Woolf Conference Program Com. 1993;

Executive Com. for Div. on Ethnic Literature, MLA, 92-96.

Delegate Member for Ethnic Studies, MLA, 1992-95;

MLA Division 33, 1990 to 1992;

Associate-chair of MLA Publications Committee, 1989-1990;

MLA Com. on Teaching and Other Related Professional Activities, 1987-89 (Chair 89);

MLA Ad Hoc Com. on Publications 1988;

MLA Executive Com. for Div. on Literature in English Other Than British and American 1986-90;

MLA Discussion Group Com. on Asian American Literature 1985-90 (Chair 89);

Bd. of Directors of Coordinating Council of Literary Magazines, 1984-88 (Chair 86-87; Executive Council 87-88);

SUNY Council on Writing 1982-85;

CUNY As. of Writing Supervisors, 1975-76;

Member of New York Governor's Commission on Libraries, 1990-;

Panelist for NEH Exemplary Awards ‘85;

Consultant for Elizabeth Seton English Dept. Review, 89, 79.

Present and past Membership in Professional Organizations

Academy of American Poets, American Studies Association; Modern Language Assoc.; National Women's Studies Assoc.; Popular Culture Assoc.; Multi-ethnic Literatures of the United States; PEN; Assoc. for Asian American Studies; Assoc. for Commonwealth Languages and Literatures.

Hong Kong University Service

Disciplinary Committee, 2000-2001

Committee for the Selection of Heads of Teaching Departments, 2000.

Board of the Faculty of Arts, 1999-2001

HKU Senate, 1999-2001

Committee for Selection of Senior Teachers, 1999-2001

Applied Research Committee, 2000-2001

Board of Assessors for Readers and Professors, 1999-2001

Dean's Committee for Heads of Departments, 1999-2001

Dean's Ad-hoc committee on revision of evaluation criteria for Faculty of Arts

Dean's ad-hoc committee on creative studies program for Faculty of Arts

HKU English Department:

Honorary Professor, 2003-present

Chair Professor, English, University of Hong Kong, July 1999-

Head of English Department, HKU, 1999-2001

HKU Member of First Year Review committee; IT committee; Research committee, etc.

Chair of Search Committee for Linguistics lecturer.

Chair of Search Committee for Drama and American literature lecturer.

Hong Kong Community Service

Moving Poetry, May 2004

Member of RAE Humanities Committee, 1999

Poetry reading and class, Chinese University, November 1999

Search committee for Chair Professor and Head of English, City University, 2000

Creative Writing lectures, HK British Council, March 2000

Adjudicator, 15th Interschool Debating Competition, March 2000

Poetry reading and lecture, University of Macau, May 2000.

UC Service

UCAAD, 2004-2005

Advisory Academic Committee for UC Presidential Search 2002-2003

UCSB University Service:

Member of Senate Committee on Budget and Planning, 2009-2010

Member of Senate Committee Budget and Planning Committee, 2007-08

Member of Search Committee for Library Director, 2006-07

Arts & Lectures advisory committee, 2004-

Ad hoc review committees, May 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

Chair, Senate Equity and Diversity Committee, 2004-2005

EVC Diversity Committee, 2004.

Graduate Council, 2004.

Executive Committee for CCS, 2004-2005, 2008-2011

Courtesy appointment, Asian American Studies Department

Chair of CCS Literature Program Review Committee, 2003-2004

Advisory Committee for the Writing program, 2004, 2005.

Regents Lecturer Review Committee, 2002, 2003, 2004-05

Emergency Review Committee 2002-2003, 20080-2012.

Ad Hoc Advisory Committee for Acting EVC, 2002;

Ad Hoc Committee on Naming Policies and Procedures, 1999.

Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Search, 1999

Provost Search Committee, 1998-99

Chancellor’s Committee on Asian American Issues, 1996-98.

Graduate Council, 1994-96

Executive Committee, College of Letters and Sciences, 1992-94.

Executive Committee, College of Creative Studies, 1993-94

Chancellor’s Committee on the Status of Women, 1993-

Senior Women’s Council, 93-94; 96-

Search Committee for Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement, 1994-5.

Search Committee for Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, 1992

Search Committee for Director of Women’s Center, 1991

Interdisciplinary Humanities Center Advisory Committee, 1991-94

IHC Committee on Conference on California, 1995

Advisory Faculty for College of Creative Studies, 1992-93

Search Committee for Director to IHC, 1992-93

Senate Committee for Research, 1991-93

Chair, Asian American Faculty and Staff Association, 1993 Fall and 1994; Member, 1990-

Member Asian Pacific Islander Women Association (API), 1990-

Senate Ad-hoc Committee for Junior and Regents Awards, 1991

Senate Ad hoc Personnel Committees, 90, 91, 92

Member of Advisory Committee on the Women’s Center

Member of Friends of Women’s Studies, 90-

Co-coordinated “Voices of Diversity: Asian American Women’s Readings,” 1992-93.

Department: UCSB

Selected English Department Service:

Member of Undergraduate Committee, 2007, 2008, 2009-2010

Member of Graduate Committee, 2006-2007.

Member of American Studies in Global Contexts Committee, 2004-

Chair, Graduate Committee, 2002-2004.

Chair, Search Committee for Race and Ethnic Studies, 2002-2003.

Judge: Ina Coolbrith Memorial Poetry Prize and the Poet Laureate Contest, 1999; 2001

Chair, Undergraduate Committee, 2001-2002.

Ex-Officio, Administrative committee, 2001-2004

Search Committee, 2001-2002

English Dept. Graduate Admissions Committee, 1999.

English Dept. Administrative Committee, 94-95

English Dept. Lectures Com, 93; Undergraduate Com, 94; African American/Asian American Literature Search Com, 94-95.

Selected Women’s Studies Department Service

Chair, Women's Studies, 97-99.

Hull Chair, Search Committee, 1999.

Chair, Search Committee, Women’s Studies, 1997.

Women’s Studies Affirmative Action Committee, 94-97

Selected College of Creative Studies Service

Literature Coordinator, Spring 2009, 2009-2011

Freshman orientations, summer 2009

Reviews of web page, mid-residency reviews, senior portfolios, etc

Student advising, 2008-2012

Member of Executive Committee, 2003-; 2009-2011

Teaching Duties International Universities

Courses taught at University Schloars Program, National University of Singapore, 2012

“Chapbooks to Digital Poetry: Poetics Mash-up.”

Courses taught at City University of Hong Kong, 2012 & 2013

Literary and Cultural Studies

Creative Writing for Children

Creative Writing: Poetry and Fiction

Courses Prepared and Taught at HKU, 2005

Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Writing

Creative Writing

HKU, 1999-2001

Creative Writing, double semester

Southeast Asian Writing

Courses Prepared and Taught at UCSB, 1990-2011

Lower Division:

Freshman Seminar: From Text to Film

English 50: Asian American Literature

ASAM 5: Introduction to Asian American Literature

ASAM 8: Gender Issues in Asian American Representations

WS60: U.S. Women of Color

Upper Division

ASAM 122: Asian American Novels

ASAM 121: Asian American Autobiographies and Biographies

ASAM 133: Writings by Asian American Women

ASAM 141: Creative Writing

WS 140: Asian American/Asian Pacific Women’s Representations in Film and Fiction

WS 170A & B: Women and the Nature of Inquiry

Eng. 101: Creative Writing

Eng. 104: Writing of Verse

English 134: The Literatures of U.S. Ethnic Communities

Eng. 187AA, Asian American Prose Narratives

Eng. 197, Writing Poetry in the Digital Age

Graduate Seminars

Eng. 235: Comparative Race Studies: Subject, Territory, Memory

Eng. 234: Writing Globalized Literatures: Transnational Asian/American Pacific

Eng. 235:Telling the Nation: Asian American Autobiographies

Eng. 234: Inserting the Discourse of the Subaltern: Postcolonial Literature

Eng. 235: Gender Issues in Asian American Literature

Eng.: 235: Re-theorizing Asian American Literature

Eng. 235: Transnational Literatures and the Pacific Diasporas

Eng. 235: In/Against the American Grain: Native American and Asian American Literatures

Eng. 235: Asian American Literature and Postcolonial Theory

Eng. 234: Theories, Pedagogy, and Practice of Creative Writing

WS 270: Feminist Epistemology

Independent Studies

Jewish American Literature

Chinese/American Biracial Readings

U.S. Women of Color

Third World Women

Korean American Poetry

Passing in Japanese American literature

Issei Poetry: Translations

Creative Writing: Poetry Portfolios

Chinese/American Women’s Autobiographies

Advanced poetry composition

Chinese American New immigrant Poetics

Asian American Ethnic Humor

At College of Creative Studies

Writing the Short Short Fiction

Creative Writing: Poetry

The Lyric Poem: Traditions and Practice

Memoirs: Theories, Texts, and Practice

Publishing The Poetry Chapbook

Capstone Senior Seminar

At MIT, 2003

Asian American Memoirs